What Is Your Talent?

Scripture: Matthew 25:14-30, Luke 19:11-27

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn God gives different people different gifts.
  • Students will learn God expects us to use our gifts to serve Him.
  • Students will learn God rewards us not for the number of gifts we have, but for how we used them.
  • Students will participate in an activity to learn some of the ways they may be able to use their gifts to serve God.

Guiding Question: What are some of the ways people can use the gifts God has given them to serve Him?

Materials: guest speaker who has been on a mission trip, photos, cultural items including crafts, food, music and more from that location

Procedure: Tell students the story of the talents. Explain to students, that like in most parables the story has a meaning beyond the obvious one. Explain that in this case the story is about the gifts God has given us to serve Him.

Have students name as many gifts as they can, making sure they include talents and things normally overlooked like organizational skills. Then ask students to think of all of the ways they can for people to use these talents to serve God. Encourage a little creativity. (Note: Younger students may need quite a bit of help with this part of the lesson.)

Have the guest speaker (or you can share if you have been on a mission trip) share with students the mission work he/she has done. Have them show photographs, tell stories, show any souvenirs they have from the trip. If at all possible, arrange to have the students taste a few of the foods from that area and listen to some of the music – particularly worship music.

As the adult is sharing, make sure they point out the gifts from God they had to use preparing for and during the trip. Encourage him/her to also share about other gifts people on the team had to use. Allow the students to ask questions.

If time allows, have students share one of the gifts they think God may have given them and how they may be able to use it to serve God now and in the future. Remind students of the importance of developing their gifts so when God wants them to use them, they will be ready.

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