Scripture Art

Scripture: Mark 4:21-32, Luke 8:16-32, Matthew 13:31-32

Learning Objectives: 

  • Students will learn Jesus told parables to help people understand godly principles.
  • Students will learn parables contain important lessons God wants us to remember and follow.
  • Students will learn God wants us to have faith and tell others about God.
  • Students will learn how to use art to share God with others.

Guiding Questions: How can students learn a new way to share God with others?

Materials: Thick construction paper, watercolors, paint brushes, mustard seeds, pictures of mustard seed plants

Procedure: Teach the students Parables of the Lamp, Seed, and Mustard Seed from the scriptures above. Highlight the main principles taught in each parable and remind students that parables are used to teach us lessons that God wants us to know to help us lead a Christian life. Explain to students that God finds it very important that we share our faith with others. Tell the students that people use different ways to share their faith based on their talents. People can teach, speak, sing, do art, etc. Ask the students how they think they can use art to share God with others?

Show the students mustard seeds and photos of the mustard plants that are several feet tall. Have the students create scripture art, using watercolors and mustard seeds. The students can use their favorite verse in the Bible or pick a verse from the parables.

Additional Questions: How can students use their talents to share God?

Supplemental Activity: Have students work in pairs and discuss a talent they have or hobby that could be used to share God. Have the students help each other come up with a unique way to share God using that talent or hobby.

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