Coming to a Compromise

Scripture: Acts 13:1-15:41

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn early missionaries often went out in teams, like Paul and Barnabas.
  • Students will learn God does not want us to focus the attention of people on ourselves, but on Him.
  • Students will learn Christians can disagree and serve God in different ways without destroying each other and the Church in the process.
  • Students will learn that compromise and working together accomplishes more than arguing.

Guiding Question: How does compromise and serving from our talents please God?

Materials: The materials will vary depending on the service project suggestions you choose.

Procedure: Review the story of Paul and Barnabas from the scripture above. Remind students that while Paul and Barnabas disagreed, they were able to come to a compromise and use their talents separately to serve the Church. Ask the students to share times when they have had to compromise with someone. Ask them why they think it is more godly to come to a compromise. Explain that God wants us to use our talents to serve others and understand that different people have different talents.

Present two different small service projects that the students can choose to do around the church. Have the students decide what they think need and want to do. Make sure you have service projects that will appeal to different students in the class. As the students try to defend what service project they want to do and why, remind the students that some students may have a talent/desire for one project while others may have a talent/desire for another project. Encourage the students to split up and some do one project and other students work on the other project. Ask the students how this compromise is important in serving others and also living a Christian lifestyle.

Additional Questions: How can practicing compromise remind students of the importance of compromise in a Christian lifestyle?
Supplemental Activity: Make several situation cards that require coming to a compromise. Place the students in partners and have the students read the situation and come to a godly compromise for the situation. Give the students time to practice role playing the situation to perform in front of the class. After each partner pair performs and states their compromise, have the class decide whether they thought it was a godly compromise and how to improve it even more if possible.

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