Change for CASA

Scripture: Acts 21:27-26:32

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn bad things can still happen to people who are sharing their faith.
  • Students will learn God is with us during tough times.
  • Students will learn that often, like with Paul, tough times give us opportunities to share our faith with others.
  • Students will complete a service project where they raise money to support their local CASA chapter.

Guiding Question: How does supporting foster care groups share God’s love for children?

Materials: Jars for collecting money

Procedure: Prior to the activity, contact your local CASA chapter and ask if a volunteer would come to share how volunteers advocate for a support children in foster care. Review the story of Paul’s Arrest and Trials from the scriptures above. Explain that God is with us during difficult situations just like God was with Paul. Ask the students what situations they might face that are challenging and why it is important to turn to God. Explain how even in these situations, God can use us to help share the Gospel with others. Tell the students that children who are in foster care often face the challenge of not knowing where they will live or who is going to take care of them.

Have guest speaker share how they work to provide for these children (if they are able to come) and explain how the students can support them. Based on the local chapter’s needs, have the students raise money over a certain amount of time (your choice) to donate to CASA or purchase something for CASA based on their needs. Give each student a jar to take home and provide suggestions on how to raise the money.

Additional Questions: How can students involve the congregation in raising money for CASA?

Supplemental Activity: Have the students work with leadership in their congregation to put on fundraisers for their local CASA chapter on Wednesday nights and/or Sunday mornings.

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