For the Children

Scripture: I Timothy and II Timothy

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will review Paul’s letters to Timothy.
  • Students will learn Paul mentored the younger Timothy, probably from the time he was a teen.
  • Students will learn what orphans’ lives are like and how they can show them God’s love.

Guiding Question: How can students care for orphans’ needs while sharing God?

Materials: Tote bags, various toys and craft activities (playdough, drawing pads, crayons, playing cards, play toys, maze/word search books, car bingo, sticker books, etc.), healthy snacks, food containers

Procedure: Tell the students the story from Acts about Saul’s relationship with Timothy. Explain how Saul served as a father figure for Timothy especially when it came to ministry. In a child friendly manner, discuss the various reasons why children might need a substitute parent either temporarily or permanently. Discuss how foster care organizations can spread the Gospel by helping these children. Have the children discuss how serving orphans might lead to them knowing Jesus.

Introduce the students to the car activity bags. Explain to the students that foster children often spend time in the car going to a lot of appointments. They would appreciate snacks and activities to keep them occupied in the car. Have the children assemble car activity bags for a variety of ages from infant to teen. Prior to the activity, reach out to local foster care organizations who would accept the car activity bags for foster children.

Additional Questions:

  • How can students show orphans God’s love through words?

Supplemental Activity: Let students create cards to put in the car activity bags and/or send to other foster care organizations to encourage the foster children. Have the students brainstorm Godly and encouraging phrases to write in the cards such as “God loves you!” and “You are special!”.

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