Paul’s Important Letters

Scripture: I Timothy and II Timothy

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will review Paul’s letters to Timothy.
  • Students will learn Paul mentored the younger Timothy, probably from the time he was a teen.
  • Students will learn important information within each of Paul’s letters.

Guiding Question: How can students learn the importance of mentors and important information Paul gives in each letter?

Materials: clues, Bibles

Procedure: Teach the students the story from Acts about Saul’s relationship with Timothy. Explain how Saul served as a father figure for Timothy especially when it came to ministry. Tell the students that there are people in our lives that can serve as “father” or “mother” figures that may not be our biological family. God places godly adults and mentors into our lives so that we may learn from them and grow into godly lifestyle.

Introduce the activity. Have the students search for clues to complete a class chart on all of Paul’s letters. Teach them how to find the missing info. The categories can include when each letter was written, where Paul was when he wrote it, who he was writing, why, who was with him when he wrote it, list of individuals he mentioned in the letter and why he mentioned them and the important points of each letter

Additional Questions: How can students learn the importance of a mentor relationship?

Supplemental Activity: Have adults within the church who were mentored growing up come to speak with the class. They can speak about the mentor relationship, important advice they received, and how the relationship was beneficial to their Christian walk.

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