Letting Little Ones Learn

Scripture: Acts 20:1-21:26

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn Paul traveled to many countries to teach about Jesus.
  • Students will learn Paul continued to preach about Jesus even though he was in danger most of the time.
  • Students will learn God wants them to share their faith wherever He sends them, even if it is difficult or scary.
  • Students will create activity bags for children to use during worship service that help them learn about God.

Guiding Question: Why is it important to help small children understand and learn about God?

Materials: Small tote bags, small books about God, activity sheets about God, pencils, crayons

Procedure: Review Paul’s missionary journey and how Eutychus fell asleep when Paul was preaching. Explain that sometimes, it can be difficult for younger children to pay attention during worship and learn about God. Explain that younger children may need different activities to help them learn about God. Ask the students why they think it is important to help young children learn about God. Explain that as young children begin to learn about God, they will have a better foundation for learning about God when they are older.

Introduce the service project. Have the students design, plan, and put together activity bags for younger children to use during church service. Include items that are fun and will help the children learn about God. This includes short stories about Jesus or stories in the Bible, activity sheets about Jesus, etc. Have students work with members of the church for donations and to raise money to purchase any items needed.

Additional Questions: How can students practice sharing their faith with younger children?

Supplemental Activity: Have the students create and put on a play for younger children in the church. The play can be about the Gospel, a story in the Bible, what being a Christian is like, etc.

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