Sneaky Snakes

Scripture: Acts 27:1-28:31

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn living in a Fallen World means bad things can still happen to Christians.
  • Students will learn God is with us when bad things happen.
  • Students will learn God often makes good things come out of the bad things that happen to us.
  • Students will learn to identify different types of snakes in the area they live in.

Guiding Question: Why do bad things happen even when we follow God?

Materials: Access to the following website: , computers/tablets for researching

Procedure: Review the story of Paul’s Shipwreck. Ask students why they think such a bad thing would happen to Paul when he was such a devoted Christian. After students share, explain that bad things happen in the world because we live in a fallen world (mention story of Adam and Eve). Explain that even though there is sin in the world and bad things happen, God is still with us no matter what – just like He was with Paul and protected him during such a bad event. Remind students that even when bad things happen to us, we can reset assured that God is still with us, is looking out for us, and wants to make good out of any bad thing that we deal with.

Introduce the activity. Ask students if they have ever seen a snake before and where they have seen it. After students share, explain that there are different types of venomous and nonvenomous snakes in different areas around the world. Teach students how to identify venomous snakes using the website in the Materials. Then have students research about snakes that live in their area and find different venomous and nonvenomous snakes. As students find venomous snakes, have them record how they know they are venomous. Students can share out at the end.

Additional Questions: How can students identify different types of venomous animals?

Supplemental Activity: Have students research different types of venomous animals all over the world. Have them record what makes them venomous. Have students look for similarities and differences in the animals and how they are venomous.

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