Strong In Prayer

Scripture: Luke 11:5-8

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn God wants us to pray to Him about the things that concern us.
  • Students will learn God does not mind when we pray repeatedly for the same thing.
  • Students will learn God answers our prayers with “yes”, “no” or “wait” and we must have faith His answers are what is best for us – even when it doesn’t seem like it.
  • Students will learn how to pray for themselves and others regularly.

Guiding Question: How does regular prayer gives us more insight into what God wants for us?

Materials: No materials needed.

Procedure: Review the scriptures above about prayer. Emphasize that God wants us to pray about anything that concerns us. It can be small or big. Remind the students that God has different ways that He answers prayers and we have to be open to how God answers our prayer requests. God always knows better than us about what is best for us and He will answer our prayers in a way that is part of His best plan for us. Even though we may not understand an answer, God will always reveal His plan for us about that prayer request.

Have the students choose five things they want everyone in the class to pray about for a specific period of time. Have the students create a log where they can keep track between classes of how many times they pray about those five things. Encourage the class to ask others they know to pray for those same things. Remind the students that God can answer prayers yes, no and wait. God knows what is best – even if we can’t understand why he said no or wait. After the period of time chosen, have the students discuss what answers God gave for those prayers. Encourage the students to continue praying about requests where they believe God is telling them to wait.

Additional Questions: How can a community be brought together by prayer?
Supplemental Activities: Have the students plan and host a prayer night at your church. Have the students make fliers to advertise for the prayer night and encourage members to bring friends and family.

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