Even When It’s Tough

Scripture: Acts 3:1-4:31

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will review the story of Peter and John going before the Sanhedrin.
  • Students will learn that Christian are sometimes persecuted for their beliefs.
  • Students will learn that they need to share their faith even when it is difficult.
  • Students will create a testimony tshirt to help them remember the story of Jesus.

Guiding Question: How do we share our faith even when it is tough and how does God help us?

Materials: Backdrop of temple/temple gate, pallet, 1st century robes, a room for the Sanhedrin trial, supplies for testimony craft: tshirts, fabric markers, stamps

Procedure: Review the story of Peter and John before the Sanhedrin and focus on the challenges that Peter and John had to overcome. Discuss how Peter and John had to be courageous in sharing their faith and trust that God would protect them no matter what. Give students the script and have them act out the story of Peter and John from Acts 3:1-4:31. Ask the students how they would have felt if they were Peter or John? Would they have had the courage to share their faith? Have the students list situations where they may have difficulty sharing their faith and how they could ask God to help them.

Students will begin to work on a testimony tshirt that will help them remember the story of Jesus to share with their friends. On the front of the tshirt, the students will write “God sent Jesus to die for our sins. Jesus arose and is coming back. Now we can be baptized and” The tshirt will continue to be worked on throughout the remaining class periods when time allows.

Additional Questions:

  • How can students feel more comfortable sharing their faith with others?

Supplemental Activity: Let interested students partner up and practice sharing their faith with each other. The partners can role play different scenarios where it may be difficult to share their faith.

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