Being Watchful of Our Words

Scripture: 1 and 2 Peter

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn Peter wrote letters to Christians in the areas that are part of the modern country Turkey.
  • Students will learn Peter wanted to encourage Christians who were suffering.
  • Students will learn we can learn how to live a Christian life from reading Peter’s letters.
  • Students will learn how the difference between kind and unkind words while also learning the effect words have on others.

Guiding Question: How do our words affect others and reflect who Jesus is?

Materials: Anchor chart paper, markers

Procedure: Review Peter’s letters from the scriptures above focusing specifically on I Peter 3:8-17. Emphasize that these letters were used to inform us how to live a good Christian life which includes speaking kindly toward others and talking to others in a godly way. The way we speak can show Jesus to those who may not know who He is and that could encourage them to want to know more about Jesus. Our words can have a great effect on others which is why it is important to choose them carefully.

Create an anchor chart of all of the things Peter says in this passage about our words. Have the students create their own anchor chart of what you make with the class. Split the anchor chart into two side: Kind, Unkind. Have the students give examples of things children their age commonly say that are kind or unkind (these can be words and/or phrases…remind students not to say curse words!) After the anchor chart is made, go through each word/phrase and have students share how that would positively or negatively impact someone’s view of Jesus.

Additional Questions: How does practicing using kind words prepare us for real life situations?
Supplemental Activity: Write several scenarios on pieces of paper where the students would need to make a choice to be kind or unkind with their words. Have each student (or partners) choose a slip out of a cup and decide how they would handle the situation. Have the explain how their choice would show or not show Jesus?

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