Caring and Comforting

Scripture: Matthew 8:14-15, Mark 1:29-39 and Luke 4:38-44

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn Jesus cares when we are ill or suffering in any way.
  • Students will learn Jesus knew it was important to take time and pray to God in quiet.
  • Students will learn Jesus thought it was important to tell as many people as possible about his message.
  • Students will learn that those with a homebound illness or in assisted living can have trouble walking and will complete a service project to make walking easier.

Guiding Question: How can we care for the elderly in a Godly way?

Materials: Solid colored or white socks, puff paint, paint brushes

Procedure: Review the story of Peter’s mother-in-law and Galilee from the scriptures above. Explain how Jesus shows His love for us as He cares for us when we are sick or suffering. Ask the students why it is important for them to do the same for others. Ask the students how they can share the message of Jesus with others through service. Explain that those who have a serious illness and are homebound and elderly people in assisted living homes often have difficulty walking and need extra support.

Introduce the service project. Show the students an example of socks that have been created as no slip socks to help those who are ill or elderly walk better. Have each student create a design with the puff paint on the bottom of the socks that once dried, will create a “no slip” surface on the socks. If possible, have thee students deliver these with you to members of the congregation who are ill or an assisted living facility.

Additional Questions: How can students serve the elderly or ill in their own family?
Supplemental Activity: Have students talk with their family members about how they could serve those in their family or family friends who are ill.

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