Many Metaphors

Scripture: Proverbs 5,7,12-15,17,19-23,27-29,31

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will review Proverbs about friends and family.
  • Students will learn how Proverbs offer advice.
  • Students will learn how to interpret metaphors and imagery.

Guiding Question: How can students learn to interpret metaphors and imagery in Proverbs?

Materials:  Bibles, plain paper, writing utensils, markers

Procedure: Review the various Proverbs about friends and family. Talk with students about the messages in the Proverbs and how they can apply to real life situations. Have students share when they have encountered a situation in which they have acted in a way that a Proverb has advised them to.

Give students the various proverbs focusing especially on ones that use metaphors or unusual imagery, etc. Have students explain what they mean in their own words. Drawing a picture using the metaphor may help their comprehension and memory of each proverb. You may need to model this with a proverb before students do it on their own or in partners.

Additional Questions: How can students apply metaphors and imagery in writing?

Supplemental Activities: Have students create a “proverb” using metaphors and unusual imagery to share with the class.

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