Card Poems

Scripture: Psalm 3

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn about 32 of the Psalms were written by people crying out to God in bad times.
  • Students will learn it is okay for us to tell God when we are sad and scared and ask him to help us.
  • Students will learn God understands when we don’t understand why bad things are happening in our lives and wants to comfort us.
  • Students will learn how to write various greeting card poems.

Guiding Question: How does God comfort us?

Materials: Paper, pencils, drawing utensils

Procedure: Review the message of asking for God’s help from the scripture above. Tell students that the best thing they can do when they are sad or scared is to reach out to God and pray for help. Explain that God is always there to comfort us when we are upset. Remind students that they may not always understand why bad things are happening but it is important to remember that God knows all things and will comfort them and bring good out of all bad situations. Ask students about how they would have liked to feel encouraged by others during times when they were sad or struggling with something. Then explain that they can provide the same kind of encouragement to others and ask God how to reach other people.

Introduce the activity. Ask students if they have ever seen greeting cards you can buy at the store with different poems in them. Bring in several examples of cards with poems in them to read to the students and pass around. Have the students create greeting card poems for condolence cards, get well cards and thinking of you cards.

Additional Questions: How can students write poems about the Bible?

Supplemental Activity: Have the students write poems about stories in the Bible or encouraging poems using Bible verses.

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