Open When…

Scripture: I Kings 12.14:21-31, 2 Chronicles 10-11

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn Rehoboam made a poor choice by listening to his friends instead of the older and wiser elders who had served Solomon.
  • Students will learn we need to heed the advice of older, wiser, godly people.
  • Students will learn there are sometimes earthly consequences for disobeying God.
  • Students will make “Open When You Need Advice” containers and advice slips to use when they are struggling with a certain situation.

Guiding Question:

Materials: Small/medium size containers (1 per student), slips of paper, pens, pencils

Procedure: Review the story of Rehoboam from the scriptures above. Emphasize the importance of finding godly advice in difficult situations as Rehoboam made a poor choice because he did not get advice from the right people. Rehoboam listened to his inexperienced and selfish peers rather than to older and wiser advisors and lost most of the kingdom as a result.

Give each students a container that they can decorate as an “Open When Need Advice” box. Have them take slips of paper and write or draw people they know on each slip with the areas in which they think that person could give them wise godly advice. Students can also write encouraging bible verses or verses with specific advice. Have students take the container home and remind them to use it when they need advice rather than depending upon peers who may not have enough knowledge or experience to give them good advice.

Additional Questions: How does advice from those who are older lead to making good decisions?
Supplemental Activity: Have a leader in your congregation come to speak to the students during class about the importance of listening to godly advice and how to find people to give you godly advice. Have them share how godly advice has helped them during tough situations. Allow time for the students to ask questions/get advice from the leader speaking.

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