A Special Meaning

Scripture: Revelation

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn Revelation was a vision God gave the Apostle John.
  • Students will learn although the book of Revelation is very confusing, the basic message is simple.
  • Students will learn the basic message of Revelation is that Christians get to spend eternity with God in Heaven, while those who have rejected God and His commands must spend eternity in Hell.
  • Students will learn to recognize and understand symbolism within a text.

Guiding Question: How does God use symbolism to send a message?

Materials: The Giving Tree Book, excerpts from the Chronicles of Narnia

Procedure: Review the meaning of the Book of Revelation. Explain that Revelation is a series of visions that God gave the apostle John about Heaven and Hell. Tell students that there is a lot of symbolism in the book of Revelation – symbolism meaning that there are phrases meant to provide a message. (give appropriate examples from the Revelation). Explain that while some of Revelation can be confusing and tough to understand, we should take from Revelation that Christians get to go to Heaven and those who reject God will spend eternity in Hell.

Tell students that there are many examples of symbolism in children’s books. Introduce and read The Giving Tree pausing to point out symbolism and the meaning. If time allows, introduce students to the Chronicles of Narnia and have them identify symbolism within the excerpts you choose to read.

Additional Questions: How can students create symbolism?

Supplemental Activity: Have students brainstorm a short story they could create that they can include symbolism in. Give students some examples of symbolism they could put in a story. Give students time to write their stories and share at the end if possible.

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