A Special Meaning

Scripture: Revelation

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn Revelation was a vision God gave the Apostle John.
  • Students will learn although the book of Revelation is very confusing, the basic message is simple.
  • Students will learn the basic message of Revelation is that Christians get to spend eternity with God in Heaven, while those who have rejected God and His commands must spend eternity in Hell.
  • Students will learn what many of the symbols in Revelation stand for.

Guiding Question: How do the symbols in Revelation teach about God, his characteristics, and how to live a good Christian life?

Materials: Paper, colored pencils, crayons, pencils

Procedure: Share parts of Revelation from the scriptures apart. (Choose sections based on students’ age, Bible knowledge, background experiences, etc) Tell the students that the book of Revelation was a vision that the Apostle John was given from God Explain that the core message from Revelations is that Christians get to spend eternity in Heaven while those who do not know Jesus or reject Him must spend eternity in Hell. Explain that God wants us to share Jesus with others so they have the opportunity to go to Heaven as well. Tell the students that sometimes Revelation can be confusing but the more they understand some of the symbols, the easier it will be to understand.

Have the students create a symbol chart for many of the symbols in Revelation. This activity will be done as a whole group, allowing you a chance to explain each symbol. Have the students draw symbols as you call them out and draw or write the meaning. Let older students guess by using context clues in the verses around the symbol. Leave time to review for any questions if needed.

Examples of symbols:

-Seven spirits = Holy Spirit Rev 1 and Rev 4:5 and Zech 4:2-7

-Seven lampstands – seven churches mentioned in Revelation Rev 1

-Hair white like wool/snow Rev 1 – white hair represents wisdom and dignity also identifying Jesus with God

-Eyes blazing like fire Rev 1 Jesus look pierces through anything and sees everything Heb 4:13

-Feet like bronze glowing in a furnace Rev 1 Dan 10:6 glowing metal connected with glory of God means strength, stability and purity

-Full length robe with golden sash or belt around his chest – full length robe meant high rank or person of authority, the wealthy and powerful of the day wore belts up on their chests the fact that the sash is gold is a reflection of magnificence

-Voice like sound of many waters – Ezk 43:2 suggests his voice is like God’s like a powerful waterfall

-Seven stars in right hand suggest messengers to the seven churches in revelation

-Sharp double edged sword coming out of his mouth – Christ’s words of judgment will be final

-Face shining like sun – represents divine glory and power Matt. 17:1-2 and Exo. 34:29-30

Reference for symbols: Ashby Camp, http://theoutlet.us/Biblebooks.html

Additional Questions: How can students understand the many ways Jesus is represented in Revelation?
Supplemental Activity: Have the students draw Jesus as pictured in this scripture with the meanings. Although each of these is viewed as a separate aspect of Christ, for this exercise students can put them together if they

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