Cooking Conversions

Scripture: Ruth 1-2

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn God wants everyone to follow Him, no matter their background.
  • Students will learn God will provide what we need (but not always what we want).
  • Students will learn God values kindness, loyalty and faithfulness.
  • Students will learn how to work with dry volume.

Guiding Question: Why should we turn to God when work is tough?

Materials: Measuring cups, oats

Procedure: Review the story of Ruth and remind students specifically that the food Ruth collected was grain. Explain that Ruth worked hard at her job even when it was difficult. Tell students that there are jobs we will all have that will be difficult and that we may feel unmotivated to do. Explain that even then, God values hard work and a strong work ethic. We can ask God for motivation and determination to do the work He has led us to do.

Introduce the activity. Remind students that Ruth’s job was collecting grain. Have the students work with oats and dry measure cups, spoons to get a feel for how many tablespoons make a cup, how many cups make a pint, etc. For more conversions, use the following link:

Additional Questions: How can students apply food measurement to cooking in real life?

Supplemental Activity: Have students take a recipe or two and make measurement conversions for doubling the recipe or cutting the recipe in half.

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