Serving from the Heart

Scripture: Ruth 1

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn God wants everyone to follow Him, no matter their background.
  • Students will learn God will provide what we need (but not always what we want).
  • Students will learn God values kindness, loyalty and faithfulness.
  • Students will learn how to help others in a godly way.

Guiding Question: Why does God value when we serve others?

Materials: Paper, pencils

Procedure: Review the story of Ruth focusing on how Boaz served the poor and was willing to help others. Explain that God loves to see us serving others with kindness, loyalty, and faithfulness. God values a serving heart and wants to use each one of us to further His Kingdom and help others come to know Him. 

Introduce the activity. Tell students they are going to play a helping others game. They will have cards with various types of people or needs on them. Have students compete to think of useful ways to serve them – especially right now at their age. Divide students into two teams and the first team to come up with an idea for each scenario gets a point.

Examples for scenarios:

-Elderly person at the grocery store having difficulty finding items

-A new kid at school broke their arm and is in a cast for a month

-Homeless shelter is running low on resources

-A family friend lost everything they own in a house fire

-A student at school gets ill and has to spend three weeks in the hospital

Additional Questions: How can students model helping others?

Supplemental Activity: Have students pair up and create a scenario where one person needs help with something and the other person helps them in a godly way. Have each pair perform the scenario in front of the class.

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