Winter Is Coming

Scripture: Ruth 1

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will review the story of Boaz’s kindness to Ruth.
  • Students will participate in putting kindness into action by making blankets that can be donated to shelters or other organizations in need of winter supplies.  

Guiding Questions:

How can we make a blanket to serve those in our community who do not have adequate supplies to keep warm?

What do we learn about generosity from Boaz’s example?

Materials: fleece, yard/meter stick, marker, scissors

Procedure: Review the story of Ruth focusing on how Boaz served the poor by allowing them to reap from his field. Explain to students that in Leviticus 19 God instructed his people to not reap all of their harvest so that there would be some leftover from which the poor could glean. Review the meaning of the terms “reap,” “harvest,” and glean.” Boaz went above what was required of him and did so with a sincere heart. Discuss how we should be generous to others in need too.

Have students take lengths of fleece 6-8 inches wide and five to six feet long. If you are doubling the fleece, an adult should pre-pin two piece of fleece together every few inches. If you are working with younger children, precut the fringe along the edges. Then the students can tie the knots along the edge with the fringe. Older students can cut the fringe. To cut the fringe: Cut a square out of each corner. Then cut straight lines into the fabric to make the fringe along the edges about one inch wide and 2 inches long. Knot the base of the fringe to make a beautiful finish.

Additional Question: What are ways that you can give more than the bare minimum requirements in your life?

Supplemental Activities:

  • Have students deliver the blankets to the shelter or organization in-person.
  • If it is a shelter that serves food, have the older students volunteer to help the workers serve a meal from the kitchen. Make sure to coordinate this in advance with the shelter staff.

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