Salt and Bread

Scripture: Matthew 5:13-18

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn the importance of salt and light in our world.
  • Students will learn why God wants His people to be salt and light.
  • Students will learn ways they can be salt and light in their worlds.
  • Students will learn the value of salt and the importance of being “salt” those around us.

Guiding Question: How can students understand how salt is used and valuable?

Materials: 2 pieces of fresh bread, 2 small ziploc bags per child, salt

Procedure: Teach the Salt and Light story. Explain to the students that God wants us to be salt and light to others to help them know God and grow in Him. Explain that God often places people/opportunities in our life to be salt and light to and we need to be aware and open to what God brings in our life. Who could God have in our life right now that is light for us? Explain that our words and our actions reflect God to others and we should have a Godly attitude with those we interact with. 

Explain that salt served a lot of purposes in the time of Jesus. It was so valuable that Roman soldiers were sometimes paid in salt. More importantly, it prevented decay at a time when there was no electricity or electric refrigeration. Salt prevents the things that cause decay from growing as quickly. Bring in 2 pieces of fresh bread (bread sold in the bread aisle has so many preservatives the experiment won’t work as well). You will also need two small baggies for each child and a lot of salt. Have the students place a piece of fresh bread in a baggie and zip it shut (this is more dramatic if they have not washed their hands first!). Have them sprinkle salt liberally on the second slice of bread (about 1 tablespoon per slice) and slide it into a baggie (encourage them to try to keep the bread flat so the salt stays on it.

Have them monitor the two pieces of bread for a week. Does the salted piece mold more slowly? Explain that just like salt can slow decay on food, we are to slow the decay – the immorality in the world by teaching others what God wants from them and for them and serving others to help solve the problems sin has caused (note it is important to understand some problems are a result of sin in general – living in a fallen world – not a person’s specific sins).

Additional Questions: How can students learn the importance of salt all around us?

Supplemental Activity: Bring in common food items that need salt to keep them fresh or bring out important tastes. Show the students pictures of what the food would look like or explain how it would taste without the salt, emphasizing just how important salt is.

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