Serving Through Song

Scripture: 1 Samuel 18-19

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn jealousy and envy will cause us to sin.
  • Students will learn true friends will help protect us from evil.
  • Students will learn bad things can happen even to people who obey God, but that does not mean God is not with them.
  • Students will collect music to give to those in difficult situations.

Guiding Question: How does envy and greed lead to sin?

Materials: CD’s, CD players, headphones

Procedure: Review the story of Saul and David from the scriptures above. Highlight that jealousy and envy will lead to sin and turning away from God/how He wants us to treat others. Explain that Saul got caught up in greediness and envy and gave himself over to sinful ways. God knows acting like Saul can lead down a bad path which is why He wants us to be content and show gratefulness. Being content and grateful can show God to others and help you live a more godly life.

Introduce the service project. Explain that David used music to soothe Saul. Tell students that music can soothe anyone when they are mad, upset, stressed, etc. Have the students share what kind of music they like to listen to to feel better and how that helps them. Have the students collect CD’s with soothing music and portable CD players with headphones for kids in children’s hospitals, group homes, shelters, etc. You may need to reach out to your congregation for help with donations.

Additional Questions: How can students provide music to comfort others?

Supplemental Activity: Have students learn several songs to perform at a children’s hospital, nursing home, etc.

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