You Don’t Get Away With It Forever!

Scripture: 1 Samuel 31

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn we cannot avoid the earthly consequences God gives for our disobedience (unless it is in God’s plan).
  • Students will learn God’s timing may not be what we would want, but God knows what is best.
  • Students will learn that like Jonathan died because of the mistakes of Saul, sometimes even Christians suffer earthly consequences because of the sin of other people in their lives.
  • Students will create a skit to share how decisions people make now can affect them negatively much later in life.

Guiding Question: How can the consequences of our actions affect our life long term?

Materials: Props, costumes

Procedure: Review the story of Saul’s death from the scriptures above. Remind students of the choices Saul had made throughout his life that ultimately led to his death. Explain that by choosing to obey God, we can avoid earthly consequences. Sometimes disobeying God means earthly consequences even if it is a long time before we see those consequences. Just because something does not negatively happen immediately does not mean it will never happen. Obeying God is important to show God we love and respect Him and also keeps us from dealing with the negative consequences of sin.

Have the students divide into small groups. Instruct each group to write and perform skits where a person their age makes a bad choice and thinks they “got away with it” but suffers consequences later. Have fun props and costumes that the students can use in their skit. Encourage the groups to perform for each other or a group of younger children.

Additional Questions: How do our reactions to situations warrant positive and/or negative consequences?
Supplemental Activity: Prepare situation cards in which the students read a challenging situation and have to choose from multiple ways that they could react. When they choose a way, they have to come up with the positive and negative consequences that could result from that reaction.

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