Measuring With Protractors

Scripture: Acts 9:1-31

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn Saul loved God, but didn’t understand what God really wanted Him to do.
  • Students will learn as soon as Saul learned what God really wanted him to do, he totally changed his life and converted people to Christianity.
  • Students will learn God wants us to do what He asks us to do.
  • Students will learn how to measure angles.

Guiding Question: How can students learn to measure angles?

Materials: Pencils, paper, protractors

Procedure: Review the story of Ananias and Saul’s conversion with the students. Discuss how God often works through others to help share the story of Jesus. Tell students how important it is to follow God and look for how He gives us guidance and direction because we never know who He could lead us to. God has a plan for all of us including providing us with many opportunities to share about Jesus with others. 

Introduce the activity. Explain that if someone makes a total change and becomes the opposite of what they were like, we say they made a 180* change. Introduce students to measuring angles. Review acute, right, and obtuse angles with the students. Then introduce students to a protractor and how to use one. Have students practice drawing angles and measuring them with the protractor.

Additional Questions: How can students apply measuring angles to real life?

Supplemental Activity: Have students use the protractor to measure different angles they find around the room. Have the students write down the object, measurement, and what kind of angle it is.

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