The Two Greatest Commands

Scripture: Exodus 19-24

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn that God make a special convenant with the Jewish people at Mr Sinai.
  • Students will learn that God gave Moses many Laws in addition to the Ten Commandments he expected the Jewish people to obey.
  • Students will learn that the laws God gave Moses were not just about religion, but touched every area of their lives.
  • Students will learn that Jesus summed up all of those commandments in the two Greatest Commands.
  • Students will participate in an activity to help them remember the two Greatest Commands.

Guiding Question: What did Jesus say are the two Greatest Commands and what do they mean?

Materials: wood “block” for each student, small clothespins, glue (good craft glue will work better than school glue), paper “chalk boards”, labels, and markers, stickers

Procedure: Tell the stories found in Exodus 19-24. Explain that from the very beginning God has had commands or rules He expects us to obey. We will make mistakes and sin, but God expects us to keep trying to obey Him. The older your students are the more examples of laws given to Moses you may give them. It is important for even the youngest students to understand there were a lot more than 10 rules in the Old Testament. Older students may be interested particularly in some of the dietary laws, etc. Explain to the student that Jesus taught that all of these commands could be summed up in the “Two Greatest Commands” Matthew 22:36-40.

Have the students write one of the Greatest Commands on one side and the other on the other side of the stickers. Have them place the sticker in the clothespin and glue the clothespin to the wood “block. Make sure that the part that clips to their paper is on top. Tell them to place these in their rooms at home where they can see them every day and remember the most important things God wants them to do.

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