Solomon’s Kingdom

Scripture: I Kings 4,7,9,11 and 2 Chronicles 8

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn God blessed Solomon in many ways, just like He blesses us in many ways.
  • Students will learn God gave Solomon amazing wisdom and riches which Solomon could have used to serve God. God also gives us different gifts to use in His service.
  • Students will learn Solomon eventually became distracted by the things his wealth, power and fame gave him. We too, can become distracted by things in the world and begin making poor choices.

Interesting Facts:

  • Solomon’s territory went from modern day Iraq to the border of Egypt and may also have included countries east of the Jordan River.
  • Ethan the Ezrahite also wrote Psalm 89 and Heman wrote Psalm 88.

Bible Lesson

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Service Project


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  • Basic Literacy
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  • Advanced Literacy
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