Teaching Bible Students About Baptism

The other week, we visited a congregation that had several hundred baptisms last year and were on target to have several hundred more this year. All of this while many churches in the same city have only a handful of baptisms – mainly children of members. As I worshipped, I wondered what was making the difference. Once the minister started preaching, I realized what made the difference. From the pulpit through the Bible classes, everyone actively taught how to become a Christian.

Ironically, that’s the same principle the church appeared to use in the first century. A quick read through the book of Acts makes it clear they were all focused on teaching others the Gospel message and helping those who accepted it become a Christian. It appears, everyone was part of the process and no one seemed to assume others would take care of it or a non-believer would spontaneously ask how to become a Christian.

Whether or not your entire congregation actively teaches baptism, as a Bible class teacher, it should be part of your curriculum for any students around the age of accountability. Strangely enough, people who have taught Bible classes confidently for years can almost panic when asked to teach their students about baptism.

We understand that and have developed a resource to help. Our free Baptism Study comes with a leaders guide and a student book. You can use it with an individual student or with an entire class of students. Each lesson covers the basics and includes questions and activity options. As the leader guide explains, the activity options can be skipped and the lessons gone through quickly with a young person ready for baptism. Activities can also be used after baptism to keep studying with a new Christian.

The leader’s guide explains how to use the materials and offers additional scriptures for students who may want to read more about a particular topic. In the student book, there is also a section containing the types of questions that people studying baptism may be afraid to ask, but may hold them back – like “Do I have to get my hair wet?” and “Does it feel weird when I get the “gift of the Holy Spirit” when I’m baptized?”

Feel free to use it as an e-book or print off copies. You can use our activities or design your own. You can use it as a teacher or share it with parents to use with their kids. We want to encourage you to study baptism with students who are near the age of accountability and beyond. Don’t let them miss an opportunity to be saved because they were too afraid to ask to study with someone.

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