All About Choices

Scripture: Exodus 7-10

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn God is the only God.
  • Students will learn God used the ten plagues in part to show the Egyptians their gods were false.
  • Students will learn God used the ten plagues in part to show us and the Israelites He is ruler of everything.
  • Students will learn how about different consequences in life.

Guiding Question: How do our choices affect our consequences?

Materials: Cards with situations where a person makes a negative choice (see procedure)

Procedure: Review the story of the Ten Plagues. Specifically focus on how the plagues were consequences for the actions of the Egyptians. Explain how the plagues were God’s way of showing that there are consequences for negative actions and disobedience to God. Explain that all the choices we make have positive or negative consequences. God specifically lays out guidelines for the choices we make so that can enjoy life and not have to suffer from negative consequences that may affect us immediately or later on in life.

Introduce the activity. Split students into teams and explain the game. Tell students you are going to read situations where someone makes a poor choice (choose situations with typical poor choices for their age group). The teams must compete to name most likely negative consequence of that action. The team with the most accurate answer receives a point.

Additional Questions: How can students apply their knowledge of consequences for actions?

Supplemental Activity: Have students visit younger students and give them advice about what to do in tough situations (peer pressure, cheating, etc) and the godly way to make choices in those situations.

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