Make Ten

Scripture: Exodus 7-10

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will review the Ten Plagues.
  • Students will review the numeral and word forms of the English numbers up to 10 and match them with quantities.

Guiding Question: How do we represent numbers 1-10 in English?

Materials: 55 small objects (see below for examples), sheets of paper with numbers 1-10 written in number form and word form

Procedure: Review the story of the Ten Plagues, focusing on how many times it took for Pharaoh to let the Egyptians leave as he continued to let his heart be hardened. Arrange the number cards in order from 1-10 across the floor. Students take turns matching the word to the number and then placing that quantity of objects below the card. Have them say the numbers as they work. You can use any objects but here are some ideas to correlate with the Ten Plagues: Water bottles/caps, toy/paper frogs, pom poms to resemble different bugs, toy bugs, toy animals, crumpled paper for hail, small black objects for darkness, small coin bags for firstborn since the firstborn was the heir.

Additional Questions:

  • What other numbers do you know in English?
  • How high can you count in English?

Supplemental Activities:

  • Mix up the numbers and have students arrange them in the proper order.
  • Arrange objects that students have to count and have them look for the correct number.
  • Students can make up a song or rhythm to help them remember how to count to ten.

Written by: Savannah Negas

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