Pretty Cool Precipitation

Scripture: Exodus 7-10

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn God is the only God.
  • Students will learn God used the ten plagues in part to show the Egyptians their gods were false.
  • Students will learn God used the ten plagues in part to show us and the Israelites He is ruler of everything.
  • Students will learn about precipitation and what causes it.

Guiding Question: What causes consequences in life?

Materials: Materials for creation of precipitation (vary depending on what you plan to do in your classroom)

Procedure: Review the story of the Ten Plagues. Specifically focus on how the plagues were consequences for the actions of the Egyptians. Explain how the plagues were God’s way of showing that there are consequences for negative actions and disobedience to God. Explain that all the choices we make have positive or negative consequences. God specifically lays out guidelines for the choices we make so that can enjoy life and not have to suffer from negative consequences that may affect us immediately or later on in life. Remind students that these consequences were severe (weather, mass amounts of bugs, etc) to show the severity of the consequences for not obeying God and that somethings consequences come with severity that we may not anticipate.

Introduce the activity. Remind students that several of the plagues involved weather. Teach the students about the various types of precipitation – hail, sleet, snow, rain, and freezing rain. Talk with the students about the conditions different precipitation needs to happen and try to recreate those in the classroom.

Additional Questions: How can students explore the stages of the water cycle?

Supplemental Activity: Have students participate in a water cycle experiment to learn the basic steps of the water cycle:

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