A Good Example

Scripture: I Kings 15:25-16:28

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn God keeps His promises.
  • Students will learn it makes God angry when we encourage others to sin.
  • Students will learn even though Omri was successful in the eyes of the world, he failed at leading the people by encouraging them to obey God.
  • Students will learn how to be good examples and encourage others to obey God.

Guiding Question: How can being a good example lead others to obey God and live a good Christian life?

Materials: Large white paper rolls (paper large enough for students to trace each other), pencils, markers

Procedure: Review the story of the Bad Kings of Israel from the scriptures above. Emphasize that it makes God upset when we encourage others to sin because as Christians, we should be encouraging others to do good and be pointing them to God. If we are promoting sin, we are doing the opposite of what God wants. Explain that a great way to encourage others to obey God and learn more about Him is by being a good example to everyone we meet. By setting a good example of how to live a Christian life and not follow all the things of this world, other people will notice and want to know more about Jesus.

Give each student and large piece of white paper and have the students trace life size images of each student. Then have each student fill in their traced image with ways they are and can be a good example to their peers. Have the students share their ideas and add any they missed to their drawing. Remind students to think about ways to be a good example that will reflect Jesus.

Additional Questions: How can challenging situations be positively influenced when you are a good example?
Supplemental Activity: Make situation cards about times when the students could be a good example for someone. Put the students in partners/groups and give them a card. Give the students time to figure out how they can act out the situation and how to be a good example. When everyone is finished, have the partners/groups perform the skit.

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