How Much Food Did We Grow?

Scripture: Genesis 3-4

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will review the story of the first sins, focusing especially on the mentions of gardens and growing food
  • Students will learn/review basic addition facts
  • Students will participate in an activity to help them review and practice basic addition facts

Guiding Question: How can you use addition to find out how much food a garden produces?

Materials: seed packets or photos of various vegetables

Procedure: Review the story of the first sins, focusing especially on mentions of gardens or growing food. Discuss how the early people like Adam and Eve did not have grocery stores, but had to grow their own food. Have students sit in a circle and place the seed packets or photos of vegetables in the middle. Choose one students to be “It”. “It” should as quickly as possible run to the center of the circle and grab two seed packets or photos. “It” should run and hand them to a students in the circle and say “In my garden I grew (number) of (vegetable) and (number) of (second vegetable or fruit). How many vegetables did I grow.” The student receiving the packet should quickly add the numbers together, shout out the answer and run to replace the seed packets in the center of the circle. He/she then becomes “It” and repeats the process. Note: Speed is key to keeping this activity fun. It is also important to make sure every student has multiple turns. If necessary create multiple smaller circles to give everyone more chances to practice. (Make sure someone who knows addition well is monitoring each group for correct answers. Encourage students to give the correct answer if the person chosen is wrong.)

Additional Question: How can you use subtraction to find out how many vegetables you have left after you eat some of them?

Supplemental Activity: Repeat the activity using subtraction instead of addition and changing the challenge sentence accordingly.

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