Being the Hands and Feet of Jesus!

Scripture: Luke 13:10-17

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn Jesus cares about our problems.
  • Students will learn God did not create the Sabbath for people to have an excuse not to help others.
  • Students will learn Jesus did many good things to help people while he was here on earth.
  • Students will participate in a service project that provides care for the elderly.

Guiding Question: How can we do good for others such as Jesus did during his time on Earth?

Materials: No sew heating pad, colorful knee socks, white rice, essential oil of your choice, sewing kit, decorative ribbon, baskets or bags

Procedure: Review the scripture of the Stooped Woman. Discuss how Jesus did good for the woman and for many others in the Bible. Ask the students to share times when God has done good for them in their lives. Explain that just as God does good for us, we should also do good for others. This is how we reflect Jesus and show God’s love. Explain how elderly people often need extra care and why it is important to reflect Jesus when caring for them.

Introduce the service project to the students. Explain that the students will be putting together goodie baskets/bags for the elderly at a local assisted living home (make contact with facility prior to know how many baskets/bags to put together). Have the students create no sew heating pads and socks filled with scented rice (white rice and essential oils). Students can also create cards for those at the assisted living home. If possible, have students come with you to deliver these to the assisted living home.

Additional Questions: How can students regularly communicate with those at the assisted living home?
Supplemental Activity: Work with the assisted living home to set up students with a resident that they can write letters to, visit regularly, etc.

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