Loving Widows

Scripture: Luke 7:11-17

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn Jesus cares about our problems.
  • Students will learn Jesus’ heart goes out towards those who are hurting.
  • Students will learn sometimes Jesus will intervene to heal or solve other problems of life.
  • Students will participate in a service project where they host a tea party and serve widows.

Guiding Question: How does serving widows show them that God cares for them?

Materials: Ingredients for scones, cookies, and lemonade

Procedure: Review the story of The Widow’s Son from the scriptures above. Remind students that Jesus cares about all of us and all of our problems no matter how big or small. Jesus cares for those who are hurting and if we are trying to be like Jesus, we should also care for those who are hurting. We may not always be able to help someone solve a problem or give them the perfect advice, but by being there for them and encouraging them, we can care for them and show them Jesus.

Have the students put on a tea party for widows at a local nursing home or assisted living home. The students can make scones, cookies, and lemonade for the widows while asking them to share what life was like for them when they were the students’ age. Have the students pray for the widows and encourage them.

Additional Questions: How can serving the elderly encourage them to lean on Jesus?
Supplemental Activity: Have the students create mini devotional booklets to give widows in nursing homes/assisted living homes. The students can include scripture that encourage the widows to lean on God when life is tough and always put their hope in Him.

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