Top Tips for Preparing for Possible Bible Class Disruptions

It remains to be seen how many people will face quarantines or virtual church services while we wait for the current virus to peak and fall to levels that will allow us to return to life as normal. Even if your area is relatively free of cases, Bible students with special needs or underlying health conditions may opt to stay home out of an abundance of caution.

Even once this virus passes, snowstorms, hurricanes and seasonal flu can all impact a Bible student’s ability to attend your class. Are you prepared to help them continue to grow spiritually while at home?

There is no “right” answer, but here are some ideas you may want to consider.

  • Virtual class. Many universities have already switched to this model for the remainder of the school year. Google Hangout is a great app for teaching virtually. Many conference call apps allow for multiple numbers to attend a video conference call you can use to teach your class. Your church may already stream services and have a way you can stream your class. Just make sure you have a way to get your students in that virtual Bible classroom.
  • Adapt activities so they don’t require materials or students can use common household items. This may be a great time for pulling out some of those old Bible object lessons. People rarely use them anymore, so they will be new and fresh to your students.
  • Find a way for them to participate. Depending upon their age, consider setting up polls or having them text you answers. Some virtual classroom tools have lots of options for class participation.
  • Give spiritual challenges. Chances are if you have to teach a virtual Bible class, your students may be quarantined at home, too. Challenge them to use some of the time when they used to have activities to do things that will help them grow spiritually.
  • Encourage them to develop daily habits of spiritual disciplines. Encourage students to develop good independent Bible study habits and prayer lives. Encourage reflection and meditating on scripture. Give them the tools to continue growing spiritually long after this current health crisis has passed.

Having your Bible class cancelled isn’t fun. Don’t let your students miss that opportunity to learn more about God. Find ways to continue to help them learn even if they can’t physically come to your Bible class. It may help them grow spiritually more quickly than a “regular” Bible class might.

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