Transformational Intergenerational Service

There is so much young people can learn from serving others and sharing their faith. Unfortunately, most service opportunities and mission trips result in little long term, meaningful spiritual growth in participants. It doesn’t have to be that way though.

Teach One Reach One Ministries has developed a new workshop: Transformational Intergenerational Service. We field tested it with a congregation last weekend and participants were so excited about what happened just during the weekend!

Our workshop begins with a two to three hour training session for parents, volunteers, ministry leaders – really anyone who wants to understand the current dynamics better and what we need to change to improve results. During the session we address what young people can learn from service and mission work and why most currently aren’t getting those results.

Then we look at the things we can change so that young people are much more likely to experience meaningful spiritual growth, build stronger faith foundations and reach their godly potential during service and mission opportunities.

We then help your congregation or ministry plan and execute an intergenerational service opportunity using many of the new strategies learned in the workshop. Helping your group take ownership of the intergenerational service opportunity will give your members a a chance to practice what they learned, discover anything they didn’t understand and set the ground work for future service and mission opportunities.

If you are interested in learning more about how we can bring this workshop to your congregation or ministry, contact us through our website contact feature. Scheduling slots for workshops at other locations are limited, so don’t delay!

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