Magnificent Murals

Scripture: Matthew 21:1-17, Mark 11:1-11, Luke 19:29-44, John 12:12-19

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn Jesus fulfilled many prophecies in the Old Testament about the Messiah.
  • Students will learn Jesus is the King of all Kings.
  • Students will learn many people recognized Jesus as the Messiah even before he died and was resurrected.
  • Students will paint a mural to celebrate Jesus and encourage others.

Guiding Question: How can students encourage others by celebrating Jesus?

Materials: Paint, paint brushes, paint pans, paint rollers, tape, mats, etc.

Procedure: Review the story of the Triumphant Entry from the scriptures above. Explain that this entry was a way that Jesus fulfilled a prophecy made about Him in the Old Testament. A prophecy tells about something that will happen in the future and Jesus fulfilled many during His time on Earth. Tell the students that this was a grand entry that honored Jesus and helped many people to learn and believe that Jesus truly was King of all Kings. The people saw Him as the Messiah and sadly much later on near the time of Jesus death, these people turned against Him.

Introduce the activity. Explain that painting a mural is done to celebrate different things or people. With the students, paint a mural that celebrates Jesus and encourages others to learn more about him. Often orphanages, children’s homes, churches, Christian schools and others appreciate having decorative murals.

Additional Questions: How can students encourage people within the church building?

Supplemental Activity: Have the students decorate posters or mini posters that celebrate Jesus and hang around the congregation to encourage others.

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