Weekly Christian Volunteer Challenges #21

The holidays are approaching. For kids, teens and parents who have been struggling in the COVID environment, they could feel even more stress. Be thinking now how you can provide the support they need to get through the holidays. Here are this week’s social media challenges.

Monday: This is the beach where the movie Chariots of Fire was filmed. One of the themes of the movie is what would someone be willing to sacrifice to obey God. It’s a great question to pose to Bible students of any age. Are they really “all in” for God or only when it’s convenient, easy and doesn’t cost them something they value?

Tuesday: Short of taking your students to the places where events in the Bible happened, showing photos is a great addition to a Bible lesson. I’ve personally never had empathy for early Christians martyrs like I did when I literally saw the view they had walking into the Coliseum floor to their death. Your students will relate to Bible stories better when they too, can visualize themselves in the story.

Wednesday: Have you ever taken the time to ponder what each of your Bible students needs to grow spiritually? Some things will help all of your students, but each student has additional personal needs to help them become the person God created them to be. Thinking about those individual needs and how you can help meet them is a great way to spend some of your time.

Thursday: Do your Bible students understand what Jesus meant when he said “fishers of men”? Do they understand their personal responsibility to share their faith? Do they understand how many millions of people in this world have yet to hear the name Jesus? Do they know how to share their faith with others? These discussions should be held regularly, in age appropriate ways, from when they are very young toddlers until they leave home as adults. If not, don’t be surprised when they don’t produce fruit as adult Christians.

Friday: Did you know we have a Christian parenting blog? The parents of your Bible students can sign up for the newsletter to receive the three posts a week in their email. They can also search for previous posts on topics of interest. The blog is filled with ideas, tips and encouragement. Sharing the link may change everything for one or more of the families of your students. www.parentinglikehannah.com or you can access it from our main website teachonereachone.org (click on resources tab, then parenting blog).

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