Weekly Christian Volunteer Challenges #26

Can you believe next week is Thanksgiving? For what are you grateful? Why not send each of your Bible students a text or card letting them know you are thankful for them? Here are some more tips and encouragement from this week’s social media challenges.

Monday: Your Bible students are like eggs in some ways. They are all fragile to some extent. Yet, just like you can sometimes drop an egg without it cracking, many kids are more resilient than they appear. But also like eggs, some kids have hidden damage from things that have already happened in their lives. With hardly any pressure at all, they will collapse. Whatever their ages and life experiences, there is something all of them need…your unconditional love and caring enough to teach them as effectively as possible the things God wants them to know. That’s the protection you can provide for all of your students.

Tuesday: This is one of the most creative restaurants. It’s an art gallery that changes all of the paintings regularly and then designs the menu to reflect the theme of the art! As a Bible class teacher, you need to tap into the creativity God gave each one of us. No curriculum is perfect, because your specific students have specific needs. A curriculum – even one designed in house will have to be adapted at least a bit each time it is taught to be the most effective to that specific group of young people. Our website has lots of free ideas to help. And don’t forget to search our blog and volunteer training resources for tips and best practices on adapting curriculum. www.teachonereachone.org

Wednesday: Some of you will be sending goodies to your students during the coming weeks. If you are spending the money, why not make the gifts meaningful? Find little items that teach them something about God or help them improve an important skill needed for school in a fun way. Look for things that can help them discover a gift God may have given them or helps them appreciate God’s creation. The Dollar Store and Five Below in many locations have affordable gifts – even ones that are Christian at times. Avoid candy and sweets – parents will thank you! And don’t forget, you may have some Bible students that need an NIrV Bible their parents can’t afford to buy them. Or they may need basics like warm socks, hats, gloves or even a blanket. Don’t forget to include a handwritten note…your students will treasure the note long after the gift is forgotten. Make the holidays special for those precious souls in your Bible class!

Thursday: As shut downs begin again in many areas, more people are becoming ill and we wait the last bit before the vaccines become available, your Bible students and their families may be losing hope. Why not encourage them with Family, Faith and Fun boxes or challenges? Come back this afternoon for all of the info you need to get started

Friday: Can your Bible students tell you about their favorite video games in great detail, but have little or no recollection of what is in the Bible? One of the best gifts you can give your students is a love and a passion for reading the Bible. Our blog is searchable by key word or topic. Many of the resources you may need are also free on our website. Making a few changes in how you teach can make a lifetime of difference for some of your students.

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