Weekly Christian Volunteer Challenges #8

Need some quick ideas or encouragement? Here are our social media volunteer challenges for the pat week.

Monday: Outdoor Bible classes? Old fashioned chalkboards can work better and definitely look nicer when mounted to an outside wall of your facility.

Tuesday: This “tree house” is designed so kids can see the world from a bird’s eye view. It’s easy for your Bible students to get caught up in the moment and make poor choices because they don’t think about the long term impact of their decisions. Teaching them to pull back and think about what may happen because of their choice over a longer period of time is crucial. It can help them make more godly choices. Give them practice thinking beyond the moment and help make it a lifelong habit.

Wednesday: How much time do you spend preparing to teach your Bible class? You can’t prepare a class that truly impacts the spiritual lives of your students in a few minutes. What would you do differently if you knew Jesus would be observing your class and checking to see if you were feeding his little lambs spiritually? Your Bible students need you to make those adjustments so they can learn and grow while in your class.

Thursday: This is a Celtic cross. It combines pagan and Christian elements – not the best idea if you want people to fully follow Christ. Some churches today are still making the same mistake – welcoming “pagan” cultural ideas into Christianity in an attempt to make Christianity more appealing to people who aren’t Christians. In the end, it only weakens the Christianity of the people involved and leaves them more vulnerable to Satan. Has your ministry or the curriculum you used watered down Christianity? Are your volunteers allowing young people to believe sinful practices are acceptable? You aren’t keeping them more attached to God, but rather weakening those connections. Analyze what you are doing and align it more closely with everything God wants from His people. Help young people create unbreakable faith foundations.

Friday: Are the parents of your Bible students aware of our Christian parenting ministry? Parenting Like Hannah is our Christian parenting blog where three times a week we post encouragement, tips, ideas and more. Encouraging your parents to sign up for our newsletter and read our posts can give them the extra help and encouragement they need.

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