Are you launching a new program and want your volunteers to learn how to lead an effective, creative classroom? Is your existing program in need of someone to excite your volunteers about their opportunities? Do you want to offer interactive parenting workshops for the parents of your students? Teach One Reach One founder Thereasa Winnett has limited availability to conduct workshops and retreats for teaching volunteers or parents. Click the links below to learn more.

Teaching Workshops
These workshops are designed for volunteers working with teens and children in any type of classroom environment. They can be used for totally inexperienced volunteers or to promote more create, effective classroom practices with more seasoned volunteers.

Parenting Workshops
These workshops are designed to encourage parents to be proactive and creative in their efforts to dedicate their children to God.

Volunteer Training Resources
Teach One Reach One conducts a variety of workshops. Although our workshops are not currently online, we have decided to make our handouts available to everyone. This is not the material we discuss, but rather the free tools we share to help people put our suggestions into practice. If you would like to learn more about bringing our workshops to your location, contact us.