Activity Ideas

Activities are an essential part of making your lesson effective and memorable. Each activity was created to have maximum impact on your student. Each lesson plan attaches activities from every category to a particular Bible story. Here you will find activities grouped by the subject they reinforce. Once you click on an activity, you will find the Bible story to which it was originally connected. (To find activity ideas that are organized by academic skill sets within a subject area, click here.)

Use the tabs below to navigate between activity categories.
Bible LessonApplicationService ProjectELLLanguage – BasicLanguage – AdvancedMath – BasicMath – AdvancedScienceHealth/HygieneSustenance/Survival

Bible Lesson

Reinforce basic facts of the Bible lesson in a memorable, meaningful way.


Teach and reinforce the godly principles from the lesson we should apply to our daily lives.

Service Project

Connect service projects in a more meaningful way to specific Bible lessons.


Support students attempting to learn English by providing additional opportunities to practice basic language skills. Many of these activities can be modified slightly and used to practice other languages as well.

Language – Advanced Literacy

Give students additional practice in language activities at an advanced literacy level.

Math – Advanced Literacy

Give students additional practice in math activities at an advanced literacy level.


Teach basic scientific principles and give students an opportunity to experiment with these principles.

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