Writing Bible Students Notes That Matter

When was the last time you got a handwritten letter in the mail? I would imagine you were at least a little bit excited at the rare treat. Imagine the excitement of your Bible students at receiving a note from their teacher? It may very well be treasured long after the student is no longer in your class.

There are some things to remember about writing student notes that can make them even more impactful. Here are some of our favorites.

  • Send hand printed notes. There is something so personal and special about a handwritten note. It’s not much use though if the child can’t read your handwriting. Take the time to print clearly so your message is read and understood.
  • Individualize each note. It may be a bit quicker to send the exact same note to every child, but kids can tell the difference between a form letter and a sincere note. Adding little personal details about the child, a shared interest or experience can let the child know the note was written specifically for him or her.
  • Encourage, encourage, encourage. Your notes should be honest, but encouraging. What spiritual growth have you noticed? What is a gift you believe God has given the student to serve Him? Did you catch the student serving someone or sharing their faith? Encourage them to continue. Are they struggling? Offer the encouragement that you believe with God’s help they can not only survive, but thrive. Make your notes kind, loving, encouraging and full of mercy and grace.
  • Share a godly dream for their future. Can you see your student teaching someone about God or using their gifts to serve someone and point them to God? Share that dream. When young people struggle, they need to know there is hope for a better future…even if it may not be fully realized until they are in Heaven.
  • Share a scripture. You are a Bible class teacher after all! They won’t think it’s “weird” for you to add a scripture in your note or choose note cards with scriptures printed on them. Even better if you can find a way to encourage them to read a Bible story or passage.

Adding these details to your student notes takes time. The finished note, however, is more likely to be treasured and help point your students to God. It’s worth the time and effort to make it a regular practice in your personal ministry to your students.

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