Bills and Banks

Scripture: Luke 19:1-10

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn there is no sin impossible for God to forgive if we repent.
  • Students will learn God wants us to repent of all of our sins as quickly and as honestly as possible.
  • Students will learn even though we are forgiven of our sins, we need to do whatever we can to make things right with the people we hurt with our sins.
  • Students will learn and apply vocabulary used when visiting a bank.

Guiding Question: Why is repentance necessary for forgiveness?

Materials: Props for a bank, paper, pencil

Procedure: Review the story of Zacchaeus. Remind students that Zacchaeus was afraid to face Jesus because he thought that his sins were too much to be forgiven for. Explain to students that Jesus died for all the sins of the world and that no sin is too big or small to be forgiven. God wants us to be honest in coming to Him and true repentance of sins is essential for God to forgive us. When we repent, we acknowledge that we have done wrong and need God to forgive us and help us learn/grow from that sin.

Introduce the activity. Talk to the students about what a bank is and what kind of things you can do at a bank. Have students share any experiences they may have had at a bank. After reviewing key words used at banks, set up a fake bank. Have students practice using banking words by acting out scenarios given to them in the fake bank. Example scenarios: Opening up a bank account, withdrawing money, setting up a credit card, etc.

Additional Questions: How can students apply math to banking skills?

Supplemental Activity: Give students play money and have them practice giving change to banking customers. For example, someone who wants $100 in all ten dollar bills.

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