Christian Volunteer Challenges #10

According to “sources” everyone who wants to get the vaccine can in the next couple of months. As life speeds toward “normal”, it is time for some reflection. What did you learn from COVID? What did you start doing or stop doing that you want to continue in the post COVID world? While you are reflecting, here are this week’s social media challenges.

Monday: This toddler Bible teacher in TX took a little extra time and money to create things she gave her young Bible students to point them to God at home. They treasured them and many saved them to use with their own kids. Another teacher gave every student an NIrV Bible. Another planned activities that were so memorable, her students still talked about them decades later. What is something you can do in your Bible class that will point your students to God long after they have been in your class? It will take extra effort on your part, but it can mean everything to some of your students.

Tuesday: Umbrellas can protect you from rain, but only if you use it. Your Bible students need to understand that the evil in the world, the brokenness of it, is because of the sinfulness of first Adam and Eve and now us. God refuses to take away our free will He wants us to choose Him…not to be robots forced to obey. Your Bible students need to understand that concept as well as the blessing of the Bible God gave us to help us better navigate our world and to spend eternity in Heaven. If young people don’t know what’s in the Bible they are operating a very complicated, evil world without the benefit of a guidebook. A guidebook they need to use or it isn’t helping them.

Wednesday: Jesus should be the model for how we teach kids and teens to be Christians who change the world. He taught them. Showed them. Gave them guided practice. Let them try it for themselves. Gave them helpful feedback. Then repeated the process until he returned to Heaven. Your ministry needs all of those pieces to be as effective as possible in helping young people become strong, productive Christians.

Thursday: It is always amazing to me when people start talking about their childhoods. So many things happened that no one except their family ever knew about. Things where extra support or encouragement could have made such a positive difference. Taking the time to really know your Bible students means you can be there when they need you the most.

Friday: Sometimes to get a great photo, you have to sit or get on a higher level. The different perspectives from what your eyes normally see are what makes it interesting. Your Bible students have a different perspective on life than you do. It may be because they are small or inexperienced or some other factor. It’s important though to see the world through their eyes, to try and think the way they think, when preparing your lessons. Then you can give them what they need now – not just as adults – to navigate the world the way God wants them to live.

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