Christian Volunteer Challenges Week #2

It’s early in the year, but if you haven’t taken any Sabbath type rest since COVID began, now is a great time to start making it a regular habit. As we emerge from COVID, there will be new challenges. If you aren’t well rested and your spiritual cup isn’t full, you will crash and burn. Here are some of the week’s social media challenges to consider while you take some rest time with God.

Monday: Frustrated because parents believe whether or not their kids become faithful, productive Christians as adults is your responsibility instead of their responsibility? Often Christian parents don’t take responsibility for their children’s faith training, not because they are lazy, but because they are afraid to make mistakes. Or they honestly don’t know what they should be doing. Make your ministry a Christian parenting support system or task someone else in your congregation with providing that support. When they are well equipped and feel confident, parents are more likely to live up to your hopes for their parenting.

Tuesday: You or your students may have times when you want to discuss current events in a Bible class setting. Remember it is a Bible class, not a class on your country’s political parties. Jesus and the Apostles focused on what God wanted for and from the lives of people, not the merits (or serious lack thereof) of the current Roman politicians. Try to frame conversations around specific values, attitudes and commands taught in the Bible rather than imposing your feelings about specific politicians or political groups whenever possible. (If a proposed law violates God’s laws and students ask to get involved, teach them how to lobby against it in godly ways.)

Wednesday: The last year has been particularly challenging for everyone who ministers to others. While there is light at the end of the tunnel, many young people will emerge from this long quarantine period with more questions, more emotional and spiritual needs than ever. Planning extra mentoring type interactions with them can give you a chance to help them work through these things with the help of the godly wisdom of older Christians.

Thursday: We followed a Bolivian custom and ate grapes on New Year’s Eve this year. For us it was just a fun thing to do, but many of your Bible students may believe in luck, chance, fate and other secular concepts more than they believe God is alive and actively working in their lives. Pointing out where you see God working in their lives can help them move their trust to God.

Friday: Great news for the new year! We just added two more Living the Christian Life lessons to the website this week! There are now several fifteen week tracks completed in this free Bible curriculum that teaches students the Bible as well as critical Christian life skills. The lessons are for teens, but can be adapted for upper elementary. Check it out on our website

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