Connecting Service Projects and Scripture for Kids

Connecting Service Projects and Scriptures for Kids - Teach One Reach OneService projects can be great for kids and teens. They help them begin to realize there is a world outside of the world in which they live. It teaches them God expects us to serve others and share our faith with them. Hopefully, service projects will also help them grow spiritually as they work on aspects of their own character while they serve others.

One of the best ways to incorporate service projects into your class is to look for strong ties to what you are studying in the Bible. If for example, you are learning about the Israelites wandering in the Wilderness, think about service projects helping the homeless. Studying Tabitha? What about service projects involving sewing or clothes? Talking about Jacob and Esau and that bowl of stew? What about a food collection for the hungry?

If you want specific ideas for service projects that will have a strong tie to specific Bible stories, check under our Bible lessons tab. Find the Bible story and click on it. Under the activities you will find a suggested service project for each story. If your story hasn’t had activities posted yet, keep checking back or contact us for an idea to help you.

Including service projects as a part of your Bible class curriculum will make your class more memorable and meaningful for your students. The best part is your students will also get practice at serving others and sharing their faith from a young age.

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