Free Activity Ideas for Homeschooling, Faith Based Tutoring and More

One of the goals for Christians helping to educate young people should be to connect as much as possible in meaningful ways back to scripture. In fact, that was how the synagogue schools Jesus and the Apostles attended were conducted. Every subject in those days was taught by connecting it to what we now call the Old Testament.

The method might not work for every subject in our more diverse learning environments, but it can still happen. Teach One Reach One Ministries has developed activity ideas that tie academic skills in meaningful ways to Bible stories. They are activities that engage children, while helping them practice skills in language arts, math, science and ELL (English language learning, but these activities can often be adapted and used to help children practice other languages as well). Our website also has activities for Bible lessons, application lessons, health and even survival skills. There are even tons of service projects from which you can choose. Thanks to our generous donors, all of the ideas are free for you to access on our website. (

Previously, you could only find activity ideas organized by Bible story or subject. We are excited to announce that you can now find activity ideas organized by skill set in language arts, math, ELL and science. So whether you are looking for a great activity with strong ties to a Bible lesson to help kids review multiplication skills, forecasting weather or more, you can find it organized by skill here.

So take a look around our site. Help children better understand how the Bible connects to the real world in every day ways.

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