These Mission Trip Best Practices Can Transform Your Mission Team

A few weeks before a mission team leaves for its destination, the group assembles for a meeting (or several meetings). Your team may be having those meetings right now. What happens during your meetings? What are you discussing? What are you planning? How are you training teen members? Chances are you are conducting these meetings the way your team has for years…probably without knowing whether or not you are doing the most effective things to prepare your team. As a result, you aren’t really sure whether or not your team is achieving what you, those you are serving and God had wanted your team to accomplish on your mission trip.

Teach One Reach One Ministries has a mission team preparation guide full of best practices to help your team not only be as effective as possible in its service, but also to help those participating experience real, lasting spiritual growth. When writing the guide, we interviewed lots of ministries that host mission teams. They told us the feedback they are often afraid to tell the teams that come to serve them each year. We also tapped into personal experiences of mission team members to find what they need to feel more prepared and to experience personal spiritual growth while on a mission experience.

Best of all, the guide is free thanks to our generous donors! It’s a quick easy read and many of you may find the changes you need to make are relatively easy, but with a huge improvement in effectiveness. So click here and share the guide with team leaders and members. Make this mission trip everything it can be.


Categories Faith Based Academic Program, Service, Teens, Volunteer Management
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