Fun Variations of Show and Tell for Bible Class

Show and Tell used to be a staple of elementary school classes across the country. Unfortunately, it was often poorly managed and became a time to brag in front of classmates. Done well, however, it can encourage children to think and talk with their parents about things they are learning in Bible class.

The trick is in providing a God centered theme for each scheduled Show and Tell time. For example, one could be to bring in something God created. Or something mentioned in the Bible. Depending upon the enthusiasm of the parents of your students, you could make it a theme where the parents and children have to search the scriptures together to figure out what to bring, like fruits and vegetables mentioned in the Bible. Try to avoid themes that would encourage them to bring in toys or other things that would either distract other students or showcase a child’s family wealth.

Sponsor a Show and Tell showcase only periodically, so students don’t become bored or parents become frustrated. Consider out of the box themes, like bringing in an elder or deacon (assuming you have enough of them) or someone who has been on a mission trip. If your theme involves bringing in people, you may want to ask them in advance and let them know a child will be contacting them. Then email parents, giving them their assigned person to ask so it doesn’t become chaotic.

As with anything that involves the parents of your Bible students helping them, make sure you communicate thoroughly with every parent. Also bring in a few extra items yourself for children who forgot or are visiting. Have fun with it. It’s a great way to extend learning beyond the classroom.

Categories Elementary, Preschool
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